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don't know what to talk about tonight. oh, how about this? should we nix and not fix? the president has put a hello kitty bandage on obamacare. he said insurance companies can offer health policies canceled under the law for another year. the grace period helps for mid-term elections, just a coincidence. is it legal? does it matter? am i drunk? the bottom lean, obama will keep working as hard as he can around the priorities the american people care about. >> i am just gonna keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. >> just say what greg said. the president of america's health insurance plans had a more sober view of his quickie fix saying, quote, changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. boring but true. the white house has released a new encouraging ad or a new ad encouraging -- oh that's dyslexic. a new ad encouraging younger ostriches to enroll in obamacare. >> he is loving this. >> how can you find any pleasure in t
marshall's show that i don't hate these perpetrators, i forgive them. i forgive them because i can't die hating them, but i do want justice and i do want them in jail. i do want them to go to jail. i do want to go and say why did you kill my son. i at least deserve that. i at least deserve an apology from them, whatever they say to me. i want to tell them too, let me show you the love i want you to give to my son, that's what you took from me. yet these perpetrators are still walking the street and i feel sorry for their parents. i wouldn't want them to go through what i'm going through everyday. believe me, i don't want to stand here, i don't want to be here ever. i don't want to be doing this. we have a lot of mothers and fathers out there that are going through this and that i listen to everyday. we stand together and if it wasn't for those other mothers and fathers, i don't know what where i'd be. i still carry my son's picture here that i have to look at everyday. this is what keeps me strong. it keeps me fighting. i have to do this because if i don't i'd seem like i'm forgetting a
's the bigotry of low standards. you just don't expect competition from a black leader. by smearing helpful critics, you weren't hiding under a hood but you didn't have to. you had the false armor of political correctness as cover. as everyone is finally admitting, our emperor in the white house has no clothes. even obama admits obama care's a disaster. i guess he's racist too. hopefully this whole thing is ending, a.t., because everybody was scared. >> yes, so no one focused on what was in the bill. they were too busy on who is criticizing him and is there raci racism? >> i should be encouraging it. although if you look at his -- for people who work for him, i don't want him to be nude. bob, is it a problem that if all criticism is deemed racist, that no one will criticize? >> i don't agree with the premise. i know we're going to pick out some -- we've got some sound on tape here about some liberals who have made comments about people being racist. the lion's share, massive majority of people on the left do not believe that people are racist because they disagree with barack obama. i don't
, but i don't see many people getting into that. >> a shorthand for this can be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. it will show you that americans are much more physically conservative than their elected representatives and a majority of americans think that we should balance the budget. they think that we should legalize marijuana, no one wants to talk about that,. >> but more are coming around? >> yes, they will come around last. and so when you have this, there's much more libertarianism and the government and you'll begin to see some of these expressions in the political marketplace as well. john: all kinds of skepticism exists. and they are just considered odd at times including my colleagues >> even for a libertarian like you. >> that is what is happening. stossel doesn't care. so what is the hostility? >> part of it is that we have a two party -- a major two-party system in the country and people tend to special -- especially congregate around the republicans and they see everything through that. so you are by definition, you're on the other side is you make these cho
. we have a program for leaders, a program for trainers. a program for our graduates, all from don's film have come through the program. that's why i did it. i really believe the public defenders can walk through a room across systems and remind people of these ideals that gideon was all about that quite frankly everyone in the system has forgotten. [ applause ] >> so judge. tell us about what is some of the concrete stechs steps that we can take in terms of training lawyers? it's great that you are working with individual lawyers, but how do you create a movement? how do you reach the 15,000 public defenders. you have to also republican there remember there are contract attorneys where there are no public defenders office. >> i want to share one more story with you. a couple weeks ago a friend of mine forwarded a link. one of the public defenders leader who headed up a state system was testifying before a budget committee and the committee asked him, do you have enough resources to do your job? and his response was well, i'm in a district with 5 counties and i have, so there a
? >> are you racist? >> am i a racist? (laughter) >> jon: never ask a question you don't know the answer to. (laughter) the media they are just askinging they don't know. everything is happening, they are just passengers on this crazy bus called news. (laughter) >> fear not, for tonight we settle the investigationing questions with our brand-new segment, racist or not racist? jessica william, jason jones, aasif manned very. thank you for joining us. we are very excited about this segment. it's a beautiful segment, a big segment. >> okay, well, first of all that is one weak segment title. (laughter) >> jon: you have a better title. >> yeah, of course i do. >> jon: okay. >> welcome to straight trippers or we cool. >> jon: isn't that title racist. >> oh, yes, definitely, but not if i say it. >> jon: all right, let's go on to our first story if we k we will start this is an easy one if you want, easy one. >> halloween is over but its controversy surrounding a costume is continuing after a boy dressed as a member of the ku klux klan. >> jon: okay, remember we're starting fresh. panel wa, do you
'm not being sarcastic. but you can add an i to that. pimp. it has pimped our community. we don't have ex-commissioners or ex-staff on our team. we don't have that luxury like yerba buena can have that people that work for them. what i am happy is because some ground people came here to, i get confused with your oversight committee. i don't know what this is all about. i try to study and you have one agency watching over another agency. this thing with yoshi, i don't see anybody here that video taped from the beginning. washington was there from the beginning. i go back 20 years when jefferson created the jazz. let's go back 2 weeks ago where we couldn't get your staff to come out because you had no money. i'm happy she's coming out this saturday. i hope that you come out and hear other than what you have heard from ace. i hear at yoshi's will be going bankrupt and you are going to transfer it to the city. it's all the same thing. it's the city. it might have different departments it's a city. that's a pity because you treat us like, let me say this ladies and gentlemen, i am sick and tir
if that counts technically or not, but if they're short three that's in violation of the city charter. i don't know if special patrol is included in that or the park ranger, sheriff's office or the officers for the bid's or whatever they are, all those acronym, i don't know if theocc handles those officer complaints or not, but that is what charter dictates so as far as capital budgets for the occ, overhead, i'm sure rent and utilities and all that stuff is probably included somewhere at capital budget unless it's rented out. >> operating budget. >> i'm sorry. >> in the occ's operating budget, but i'm not sure about the commission. i don't know where it's -- >> we don't have a budget. >> oh. >> we work for free. >> you do have staff, so you do have a budget. i did see one somewhere. >> we don't get maid. >> thank you. >> miss carpio. is it your position that we are in violation of the charter because there is a lack of funds to pay the -- >> it's not so much because there's a lack of funds, but a lack of investigators at the occ. it mandates one investigator per 150 officers. >> have you tak
schedule, does anyone think it was a green project? >> i don't think so it should not have been green. there should be flags on the dash board and better transparency. the other thing is pro active governance. we look at the i.t. reform plans and things in the bill, legislation, proactive governance is very important and it's great and i'm pleased that everyone is involved now. we need that up front on important projects not when things go in the tank. we need it up front. the same when projects go into the tank we get engaged with the contractor more. why don't we engage with the right executives up front. i know there are a lot of projects and priorities, we need to find a way to tackle that better. >> i yield back. thank you. >> thank you gentleman from vermont. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. >> i thank the chairman. i too want to join in this sentiment that i appreciate that you are legitimately trying to work on this and we all are and i chair the cyber committee and i reflect many of the people out there that with the concept of frustration, in many ways when i t
. barone? well, i don't want to frighn you, but this is what your old vacuum has been missing. wow. it's what we call the "wow" factor. they build i ght into the system. this is the filth your family has been breathing. now you just dump it right down the drain. that is pretty amazing. yeah. now i'll show you how to do the drapes. you're going to do the drapes? no, no, silly. the humm vac's going to do the drapes. i'm just going to take the credit. i have never been more attracted to you in my entire life. want to try? okay. your first te. i envy you. hello, dears. [ vacuum cleaner shuts off ] hi, marie. hi. i was passing by my window, and i couldn't help seeing into your window, and i notice you bought a new vacuum. it's amazing what this thing picks up, marie, and no bags! no bags! am so glad this worked out. what do you mean? well, when t saleslady called me and told me she had the greatest cleaning innovation since the broom, i immediately thought of you. you sent her over here? of course. d not know tha well, you two enjoy. i would ner want to interfere with housework. now might b
of your life is the one i want to believe you, but i don't see many people getting into that. >> a shorthand for this can be fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. it will show you that americans are much more physically conservative than their elected representatives and a majority of americans think that we should balance the budget. they think that we should legalize marijuana, no one wants to talk about that,. >> but more are coming around? >> yes, they will come around last. and so when you have this, there's much more libertarianism and the government and you'll begin to see some of these expressions in the political marketplace as well. john: all kinds of skepticism exists. and they are just considered odd at times including my colleagues >> even for a libertarian like you. >> that is what is happening. stossel doesn't care. so what is the hostility? >> part of it is that we have a two party -- a major two-party system in the country and people tend to special -- especially congregate around the republicans and they see everything through that. so you are by defi
maybe disconnected from benefits and not have any income and decide to go into services, they don't pay for that room. the city is paying for that room but the individual commits to participating 2-3 times a week in case management. this is a similar situation that we would be working with someone and they would agree we would pay the storage so they are not giving up this property that they may decide is a period of time form of housing for them down the road. we would store it which is about $150 a month for a vehicle . we are looking at 4-5 vehicles but now that we have dedicated $7,000 for this purpose. we are going to be flexible as people have needs, but the commitment is they participate in case management leading to permanent housing. >> my question is how long do they engage in case management. when you are in services, there is a termination period, right? >> there is variations. if you go into a room and they shut that room and they don't meet with that person, that is a person that is not going to be successful in the program. i think we are going to be successful and
because i'm talking about lives. i don't think, i'm just, you know, it's very hard and we knew nothing about mental illness about this, but i will not stop fighting for my son, i won't stop fighting for others and i am going to scream and shout and share until somebody hears. that's all. >> [ applause ] >> thank you. let's get another perspective on this from eduardo very big vega. you have been forthright to discussions about treatment and in your chronicle about laura's law that you think the need to help the vast majority of people who do want treatments. but aren't there cases as we are hearing today that force treatment is necessary? >> well, so i have been working in mental health field for about 22 years various places across the country. i have worked in crisis programs here and in new york city and pretty much ever phase of program there is. i have been a suicide prevention interventionist, i guess after this, the one thing i want to say that force is not treatment. one thing that we have learned in the community mental health system which was set up in the 60s partly to an
know what he is saying? i don't. >> i take that you're concerned and cynical. i would be, too. there are a lot of insurance commissioners and the like telling us that it's not easy putting the genie back in the syringe so folks like you that experience this, it's up to the individual insurance companies whether they want to reverse it, stall, or move on. the best you have is maybe a six-month extension. >> i've got an for sure three-month extension from blue cross, and from the president's comments possibly up to a year. but it doesn't matter. either way i have to face a larger bill, either this year or next year. it's the law. and so that's what i'm being told i'm going to have to deal with. and all sorts of new coverage in it. i'm 60 years old and now i have pediatric care, no children. my wife has maternity care but we have no children planned. so, we're being -- going to pay a lot more for benefits we don't need. >> now, the argument was that whatever folks had before, according to the president, was substandard, the plans are substandard. what your plan substandard? >> my
letter in may of 2010 saying you don't have the team in place to execute this. it's going to fail. >> you know how the government works, correct? the government works by departments. everything in the bureaucracy is headed by a department. so the treasury department handles this, justice department hams that, the defense handles this. health and human services handle obama care because that's health. ceo is kathleen sebelius. no, stop, kelly. >> no, she stdoesn't know anythg about the website. why didn't he find somebody who does? >> that's the key. sebelius was in place. she couldn't do the job. absolutely. to this day, she has no clue about any of this. however, she's still there, right, with no assistants coming into sort all this out. >> let me make another point about ms. sebelius. she of course knew nothing about websites and that was completely bungled. but more than that, she is the one who put those regulations in place in june of 2010 that effectively eliminated the grandfathering the president was so relying upon. and for the president to come out today and say those democrats,
of everyday life in china. and don't live there. last week aka rob greeting card. that doesn't work does or what have you end up tv. today money matters were killed when her point. today was thinking as for the top commander for the consumer corner will talk about packaging airport. to which i think there is a happy about it. one of the development of a wealthy actress debate the future pope on time let's take a look of the top prize of life here in time first up and watching dot com the chinese government talk of change in the painting them. and that meant i had been a popular topic of discussion in the country. chinese people avoid unpleasant but the type of pension fund and inequality in distribution that i did not intend to establish a fairer and more sustainable security system to my university researchers had indicated the previous content that might be unfair the chinese government or the by the end of two thousand twelve. the total pension funds amounted to about two trillion yuan or about three hundred twenty billion dollars. all the pictures large menu commands are too small. i
and with the city arts grants program it takes a while for first time applicants to learn the process. >> you don't have a teaching? >> we had a workshop. two workshops. >> part of the workshop did you have information about complaints? >> no. >> i think it's important because we have that in the puc about a grant. people know where to file their appeal or protest. that's not the case here. >> no, we certainly all of the plate -- applicants get a letter telling us when the plan is reviewing it and they could come. it's a learning experience. to my knowledge, the applicants know and it's in the application that it goes from there to committee and from committee to full commission. but, no, we do not specifically spell out what happens if they don't get it. >> i think you should. >> thank you. >> no. 2, i say that with all do respect. >> i appreciate it. >> getting back to the comments, is there is going to be a second round of $100,000 funding? >> yes. are all the applicants prohibited from applying? >> no. we have not set the criteria or guidelines. historically no, we do not exclude. >> so no a
they don't exist yet but it's part of the requirements from the state. we also want more training and career development for direct care workers and want to retain the independent provider model and the contract modes for ihss service delivery. >> one of the things we're going to have to do as this begins over the next 6 to 9 months, is to develop clear consistent messages to consumers advocates service providers commissions and elected officials: after this we go to the health commission the advisory counsel on ages and a variety of other places but we were asked to start here so here we are. we have a communications plan and we have messages and we will explain this under taking because this is just the plan. it's the implementation of this plan that's going to make the difference in san francisco so we're going to be doing clear consistent explanations to all of those groups. how will this all get implemented? well, the recommendation is for a long-term care implementation body to be formed that will include dos the human services agency the department of public health, the
experience. if our biggest problem is that enough people who don't have ?urnses aren't signing up quick enough for insurance, that's a problem that i will accept because it's a problem we can fix. if all we talk about here here is the pace, where people go from uninsured to insured, and we can fix that because we know the product is good. senator boxer talked about the massachusetts experience in which during the first month of their enrollment for the massachusetts exchange, only .3 #% of the total signed up during that month. why? because people take time. this is not animal easy decision to sign up for health care. in connecticut where we have an exchang that's up and running, a wbsz thabs working, the first month, know our number? it was not.# # #%, but enrolled 10% of the expected total in the first 30 days, and here's what people say about their experience with connecticut's exchange. one said, this is a great resource for cops residents to apply for health coverage, thanks to the health care law. another said, i chose access health because i've been denied in the past by other ca
a great. you know, i'm accused of a lot of things but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this will be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website open physician i thought it wouldn't work. >> good morning, it's friday, november 15th. boy, what a press conference yesterday. what a twist and turn in the continuing debate of the affordable care act. we have nicole wallace and harold ford jr. we have the former government of vermont howard dean and in washington we have the anchor for bbc world news america, katty kay. what a day yesterday. my gosh. we have a lot to talk about. we have politics to talk about, the policy. doctor, you have a lot of concern about it. the democratic uprising in the house and senate that may have led to this. first let's take it down to d.c. with katty. get us up to date on everything that happened yesterday. >> health care all the time. two headlines do say a lot about the fight over obama care. in the "wall street journal," obama retreats. and in "usa today," health law shakes the presidency. with democrats threatening to vo
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people got coverage, that's bad. we don't want anyone to get covered. that is still for them on what was a bad week for the president, it is still a very weak message from them, i think. >> ari melber gets tonight's last word. thanks for keeping it clean after that mayor of toronto. we crossed a line there. >> you got >>> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. the president came before the country today for a remarkable hour, and what he said signalled a new front in the battle for the affordable care act. it's one that a lot of people have missed. but first, the administrative fix to the affordable care act announced today. the president's blunt effort to stand up and take responsibility for the problems that have dogged the rollout. >> i hear you loud and clear. i said that i would do everything we can to fix this problem and today, i'm offering an idea that will help do it. the state insurance commissioner still has the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold if their states, but the bottom line is, insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be c
says you don't have to do it any more you stop doing it. that's the pure and simple truth. this is all about the numbers wracking up on cancellations. that was 5 million, 15 million when the employer mandat,e kks in.oo 50, 80, 90 million people they are not signing anybody up. it was getting more and more skewed. they will continue to show 100,000 signed up or fewer 5,210,000. >> 90 percent of people covered by employers or the government or whatever. that means 10-15 percent have their own plans. how many is that? >> 42 50 percent of that is 45 million ballpark. >> too much math for me.t' we are going to go the pink and black end of the table. >> i can't believe no one has pointed out how racist president obama is. if you questioned or tried to change any part of obamacare you were a that is what msnbc was saying for two weeks. the only air bag in the car is obama and it didn't go off. this is a failure and it hangs on him. also the media refused to tell obama that obamacare was a horrible death trap. it's like telling them they have an ugly kid. everybody is stuc
plan even if they don't meet the rules but does it reinstate the cancelled policys for the 5 million people? >> no one can do that except for the insurance companies and the state level regulators and perhaps not even them. perhaps it is too late because you had more than 5 million cancelled policies and it may be too late to turn around. the president got immediate blow back from the partners in the insurance industry what said wait a minute, you can't dump this on us. we don't know if we can do it. it is dangerous to the coverage of the 80 percent of the americans who have health insurance through the employers and so today president brought ceos and the construction and passage of the law that are concerned about what is happening to their business. he brought them to the white house and they will talk about ways to rescue the law. >> why didn't you do that yesterday before he cape out with the plan? >> i never have seen a panic as bad as this. the magnitude of this and the president's calculated decision not to honor the promise. and keep the promise and predicated to the belief
and have received an apology from me. but they don't want just words. what they want is whether we can make sure that they are in a better place and that we meet that commitment. i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it and what i'm going to do is make sure we get it fixed. there have been times where i thought we were kind of, you know, slapped around a little bit, unjustly. this one's deserved. right? it's on us. but we can't lose sight of the fact that the status quo before the affordable care act was not working at all. >> crucial point that has gotten lost in the coverage over the last month. that part of the speech, the fumble the ball part, that's what got the headlines. but the most important thing that happened today was president obama marking a new chapter in the tempestuous frenemy-like relationship between the health insurance industry and his administration. from the very beginning, this has been one of the most complicated relationships in all of politics. up to and including the creation of the affordable care act, the insurance companies said they were on boa
she, i don't know if he had a chance to get here. he's here now. i'm glad to say that scott has shown greater personal participation with 53-54 and i believe he's already seeing some successes of that working with local contractors on 53-54 who are not competitive on the 50-51 bid. working with robert sub she we have broken the packages down even smaller than 50-51. partially due to the fact that it allows you to do so because of individual buildings, but we felt that given the lessons learned from 50-51, if we break it further down, we can perhaps increase participation at the local level. we are looking for teaming opportunities between local sbe's and established companies to bring the local contractors, the necessary competitive bidding knowledge and management expertise. in addition to robert soeb she and butler enterprises and cheryl and terry and patrick, i assure you that lawn ar management are engaged in the community and trying to learn from our lessons of 50-51 and implement procedures from the knowledge we gain from what their issues are and implement procedures going forw
is not working. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> yeah, hello, my name is don mcpherson, i am a member of casa justa and what i want to speak about basically is a couple things. the difference between the owners and master tenants, the violations and the communication between the dbi and the violations. no. 1, i think basically that master tenants have too much control over their jurisdiction as they can play and move these people around and force evictions, force -- i will rephrase that -- force predatory evictions. the dbi, i've been dealing with the dbi for about 4 years on one particular case and i'm still there through their assistance. so i know you guys have been working hard on what you're doing, but this is a complex matter. it's not just a situation that speculators come in, buy houses and flip them. there is problems within the areas of the master tenants. they are also turning a profit. it's predatory. so i think you've done a lot, mr. campos, in what you said earlier and i think you guys are doing pretty well and mr. yee brought up some interesting things also which i'm ve
are raising concerns. if i understand correctly, you don't think you'll be able to fill those positions which is july 2014? >> this is correct, and the reason being, it's a structural deficit. it is not uncommon for city departments. i was told by the budget analyst that, for example, the police department is holding 100 positions open and even though positions are identified in the budget and the budget appears to fund those positions because there is an attrition factor, as well as a step adjustment factor, it causes a budget to not be able to fund all of its positions. what i have at the office of citizen complaints is -- it's called step adjustment that automatically happens and it's a decrease. because there are, for example, attorneys at the top of their steps and investigators at the top of their steps, this counts against that step adjustment factor. and so even though we don't have all the positions filled, there is not enough money to pay so i was not authorized to even hire temporary. an it is of concern and for smaller departments it is very unfortunate because when you consid
water, the sewage service charge? footnote a, i don't really understand it. >> so the sewer service charge is projected to be a little bit over or better than budget because we are collecting and treating more flows than what we had originally assumed in the budget. this is part of the fact that we are now doing 2-year projections for the budget and last year we treated more sewage and that heighten treatment levels are into current year. that leads to a slight positive surprise in sewer revenues. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next item is our draft rate pay era insurance scorecard. >> next i will present you nancy -- she's done the quarterly audit report and performance review. she and i have been working with city controller's team and nancy will introduce them in developing as you have required us to do under the rate pay era assurance scorecard. nancy will give you an update. this scorecard will be a public lens and will be communicated not only on our website but -- on our mailers. as we are gearing up for our new rate study, we want to attend nearly 700 neighborhood groups a
building code. they need to hire an expert. don't try to become an expert. hire people are experts who have the experience how to get through the permitting process and know the regulations and rules. only if you do a small remodeling if your house if you are not stay at what you are good at. cooking or dentistry. don't become an expert in construction and architect. i sigh that as a problem. people go beyond their levels of ability. >> the next page the permits and licenses required. building permites required for construction. building code says you need a permit for everything except gut sxers down spouts and wall paper. you need a permit for most other things. you need plan review permitting. when you come and pay a large fee for us to review your plans before you get your permits. the street use permit. public works street mapping where the dumpster goes. issue permits for construction work taking place in the public rieft way. fire sprinkler permits get reviewed by fire departments. signs have a separate requirement under the planning and building code. although they are usually incl
americans -- and the left president obama says americans can keep their policies even if they don't meet the law's requirements. >> this is not a big game, but the game is not over >> a survey by the associated press finds more than 4.2 million americans buy their own health insurance received cancellation notices. a week after one of the worst storms on record officials in the philippines are burying victims in mass graves. the official death toll from typhoon haiyan is more than 4400. more than 800,000 are homeless. >> toronto's embattled mayor, rob ford under pressure to resign, he had to apologise for using obscene language, whilst denying making sexual advance tos a female counsellor. that's the news at this hour. see you back here at 11 eastern, 8 pacific time. "consider this" is next. [ ♪ theme ]. >>> the president promising fixes on his troubled health care plan, "consider this" - the white house, if they can't get it right in 3.5 years, will another year make is different? america's long-held believes about the poor are wrong. they are white and more suburban by the day. what
because you don't want anybody to have to hide their identity. >> right. and you look at the way it's played out. seemingly to me, that the majority of the people who are against gay marriage always site some type of religion. >> yeah. >> whether it's christianity? >> yeah. >> islam, what-have-you. you have come out against religion in terms of at least how people claim to be christian at some time only when it's arguing. >> you know, it's like being from the south, being baptist >> they talk about don't judge other people. but they judge everybody. it really frustrates me. like,ton to be honest with you, he is one of those bible thumpers. i don't know where i am on religion. i believe there is a supreme being who has given me special things in my life. but i think he would be like inclusive in and all right with everybody if he is this supposedly -- like i say, i don't know. i don't get in if it's a he or a she, if she is black whatever. i think if there is a supreme being, he or she, however you phrase it would be like i love everybody. so that's the way i look at it. >> president
that got cancellation notices deserve and have received an apology from me. they don't want words, they want whether we can make sure that they are in a better place when we made that commitment. >> no one could identify anything the president could do it administratively to keep the pledge. let's be clear, the only way to fully help the american people is to scrap this law >> for more on what the president's new rules would mean on anyone that lost their shirns, i'm joined by emily ethridge, health care staff writer with roll call. the president's new plans, insurance commissioner said: >> along with being the mess is bandaid? >> it's not a band aid, but it's a difficult thing for insurance companies and commissioners to figure out. they have six weeks left in the year to scramble and put the policies back together. they have decided it may not happen this year or maybe next year. it's a lift - paperwork wise, administratively, it will be difficult to make this happen. >> one of the other issues that john boehner raised is that obamacare can't be fixed with an administrative acti
if they are in effect right now. but remember, many states and insurance companies don't want to do that. in fact, some of the biggest states have already said no to earlier proposals to extend some of these canceled policies into 2014. some states have barred -- that's a practice called early extension. many states have barred that. so, again, it's not clear that this is going to change a whole lot. it may change some policy availability for some people. but i do think it's more about politics than actually changing the policy. >> early renewal. thank you. i didn't know that. let me ask you follow up, next one, tomorrow is a vote on the fred upton bill that would allow people to keep their insurance and actually let new people go back and get the old insurance forever and then i'm going to ask you, after that vote, is there going to be a senate vote? it sort of all seems like a push comes to shove in the senate with the mary landrieu vote. do you think it will happen after today's obama news conference? >> i doubt it. this is one circumstance where gridlock is the president's friend. the prospect of a
. you know, he's got a lot of -- >> i don't know if it was warren or -- >> right. berkshire's move. because -- but, you know, i'm sure warren knows what's going on when almost $4 billion. but it's one of those -- it's a very liquid stock and it's a lot of money, but not a lot for a $400 billion company or whatever exxon is at this point. but it's sort of so solid and so blue chip and, you know, they're going to keep finding oil and gas and we're going to keep buying it from them and running things. and it's just like a buffett -- you know, you don't have to be too -- you don't have to think about it too much. how many ice scars can be find? he tries and goes all over the globe. reminds me of ibm. but i don't know, it seems like it's maybe a better move than ibm, more of a no-brainer almost. i like what yellen said, too. just one comment about that. she said we will continue to ensure a robust recovery with our actions. it's like the one you've been able to orchestrate for the past three or four years. now i know that -- >> arguing counterfactual. >> the counterfactual is there, but
don't, it's on you. >> exactly. and that allows him to blame somebody else, blame the insurance commissioners and blame the insurance companies. there is one other thing about this that caught my eye. here is the three page letter that the cms, centers for medicare and medicaid services sent out today. on page three is a thinly described illegal bribe. it says though this transition policy was not anticipated by health insurers when setting rates, the risk corridor program should help unintended revenue. the risk corridor program is a program you can get on cms risk corridor program and drawdown this document and look at it yourself. but what it says is that for the transition from where we were to the affordable care act, the federal government can give money to insurance companies to help them adjust and stabilize some of their premium payments if they get too many sick and older. but it has to be for qualified health plans. on the third page, it says recipients are qualified health plans. it talks about section 1342 and section 1343, both of which only apply to nongrandfather
a house to power these rv housing people. if that is notten sane, i don't know what is. i urge you to look at expanding this and continue to offer these services and people who testified, should be talking to him. that's what he's here for. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. so there is no jamie young? what about david? are you here? barbara? are you here? then we'll have christian walter and lisa marie. >> good afternoon, my name is barbara, the president of the improvement association. i had a flyer with some information that i have passed out to you. basically showing the numbers of the incidents and problems we are having on the block of 27th. there are people who have lived here and moving into this area and do not want to see the kind of problems that are created by these walls of vehicles. you name it, we've had it. you can add district 11 to your list of problem areas. we have had people who are cooking their drugs on the street and daniel the sidewalks to the point where the rebars are popping out. we basically meet your criteria for places that should be added to th
on my head and crush me. i don't even have god on my side. the old boys network that got him a lawyer but when friendly with a judge didn't even work of a sweat when it came to his case. it was a double murder trial that didn't last a couple hours. a flawed defense system rendered that almost meaningless. why? he says, you know why? sometimes i think about it. he wonders what the solutions are to the criminal justice system here. to the black community, he talks on and on, indignant but right. mostly he wonders how change happens. sometimes i think about what is it, this mahatma gandhi thing. he cracks your head and you say thank you. he cracks your head again. you have to be animal when you do that. it's an outrage. he pauses and collects himself. i'm not talking from bitterness. he says this and yet how can you let go of bitterness. like a dog licking a wound keeping it open and raw greg bright revisits his past wonders if it's a happy ending because he lives in a yellow house, my pot of gold at the end of a rainbow after finally receiving $190,000 in rest tuition. unending that c
you can design your process to do restaurant remodels in such a way that you don't step into a pothole that slows you down in this thing. i know there are people here with other points of view and mr. kevin westly from the golden gate restaurant association is here. >> we started this project a year ago with spur and the mayor's office getting expediters and restaurant tours and getting myself and city employees involved and trying to define the problem and we have want todd create disappointments that would be general guide lines but we answered every detail problem is not public. it's meant to be a generic guideline to follow knowing the circumstances will constantly be changing. this is something we vetted over a week ago and these are edits. i don't know if this has the final edits. >> probably. is will be a fluid document so if you were to use itto a project and on page 2 you think this would be helpful, we would love the feedback. we found out people did not understand the process for a change in use permit as one example that oftentimes they dependent investigate properly with
you know? >> i don't. obviously it's a disappointing roll-out. but you do line that he's owned the problem. he understands the principle of the buck stops here, and anybody who thought the roll-out was going to be smooth and without hitches is not lives in the real world. >> okay, but answer the question, will you run on obama care -- >> i've going to do everything, and i'm not going to run away from the affordable care act. i think this is what we need to strengthen our hospital system. i want to tell you about a friend of mine. he actually died, was resuscitated twice, he's still with us. you know why? he had a cold and didn't have health care. it turned into viral pneumonia, and we almost lost him. here's the good news. yesterday, he lives in california, was able to go on to the california exchange. he was able to find a plan and his family for about $500. are you prepared to tell him the status quo two months ago is what you want to go back to? >> first of all, it's unfortunate that he found himself in thatsh d. you truth is, you show up to any room at any home and by cared
they have so, don't particularly like the sound of their own voice. there are actors who won't watch themselves. that you are not one of those. how just started learning to do that, because i have to. if i'm going to be the best in what i do, i have to study what i'm doing. i have to see it and hear it. i'm just starting to appreciate myself and the way i can look at , or listen to myself as much as i do now. is starting to be like, hey, i like myself now. then i can grow that way. what i did back in the day, i don't want to see it or hear it, i cannot grow. that is why listen to myself and watch myself now. >> i'm going to put you on the spot here. i know what we think of your music, all the fans. if he asked me what do you love , what is your favorite song? about ask you a question mary. when you talk about listening to yourself now, when you hear your voice, what do you hear? are there things you think you can still work on, things you are trying to perfect, are you happy with your voice at this point? >> i love that question. i see nothing but imperfections. i am my worst critic.
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